SmartCube Fully Automated Minibars

By Minibar Systems

SmartCube DualBar

SC40T Glass Door
GF27T Solid Door

SmartCube SC40T Automated

SC40T Glass Door

SmartCube SC60T Automated

SC60T Glass Door


The Next Generation SmartCube – The Amenity That Pays for Itself

Introducing the newly designed SmartCube minibar and fridge combo featuring modular plug and play electronic components, advanced thermoelectric cooling technology and new S4 operating software. SmartCube has an all-new modern minimalist design and is the world’s most technologically advanced minibar. A completely plug-and-play modular system that is available in various styles with advanced thermoelectric cooling technologies, and increasing levels of automation.

SmartCube is available as an insertable and stand-alone model that can be integrated into any existing hotel furniture case good or room design. The simplicity of the SmartCube S4 software makes it the most powerful and robust minibar management tool in the industry.

Angled Shelf Dividers

Console Box “Brain”

Sealed & Conformal Coated Sensors


  • Silent Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Modular plug and play electronic components for quick and easy replacement
  • No microswitches or moving parts – SmartCube uses infrared sensors which are sealed and conformal coated
  • All-new S4 self-diagnostic reporting software
  • Angled shelf dividers keep guests from storing personal items inside minibars, reducing spills/excess maintenance and allowances
  • Enhanced electronic door lock with mechanical override
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Twisted Pair communication
  • 10-year life span and virtually maintenance-free
  • Easily adjustable internal shelves and transparent door racks for countless product configurations
  • Flexible external product configurations with SmartTray
  • Automatic billing to the hotel PMS
  • Self-diagnostics and reporting
  • Full glass front, with either a solid or transparent door option
  • Reversible hinging
  • Option for a Dual Minibar/Fridge combo
  • Optional Customized front panel to integrate with design*
  • Case good cabinet door sliders available

* Recommended weight of panel is no more than 9 lbs. (4.08Kg). Recommended thickness, ¾ inches (18-20mm)

Standard Automated Minibar Setup

Dual Water Sensor

Automated SmartTray

SmartCube 40 Thermoelectric Minibar


Quality Engineered

  • 30% more energy efficient over previous minibar models
  • Eco-friendly silent thermoelectric cooling technology
  • State-of-the-art insulation properties (Argon, low-E glass)
  • Solid insulated frame for glass door
  • Industrial door seals
  • Free of hazardous materials (conformal coated and lead free electronics)
  • Cyclopentane foaming agent – most environmentally friendly material
  • Kyoto and Montreal protocol compliant

Design & Finish

  • Door design with sensors mounted directly on the glass door to maximize revenue
  • Translucent racking on door for high visibility of products
  • Programmable internal LED lighting
  • Best product merchandising

Sensing Technology

  • Infrared Sensors – No moveable parts (unlike micro switches)
  • Engineered to be maintenance free
  • Conformal coated PCBA – moisture & spill proof
  • Totally sealed trays – moisture/spill proof
  • Sensor trays can be moved without tools
  • Adjustable infrared sensitivity


  • Communication options include:
    – Ethernet, Wireless, Twisted Pair
  • Compatible with most PMS Systems
  • Each SmartCube and SmartTray is on-line for real time updates
  • Easy-snap sensor trays can be moved without tools

Easy Maintenance

  • Easy maintenance by design with “plug and play” operation
  • Console Box “brain” of the unit easily replaced
  • Modular design for easy upgrade
  • Everything designed to be fixable/repairable/replaceable
  • Engineered for 10+ years lifespan

Tablet Features

  • Real time attendant communications
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Tablet controls refill locking and unlocking of minibar
  • Ad-hoc posting feature
  • Automatic credit function
  • Visual refill and communication confirmation
  • Tablet performs maintenance diagnostics
  • Paperless operation
  • Touch screen design
  • Tablet configured specifically for property



No Automation


Main Features 

  • Traditional honor bar with key lock
  • Upgradeable to FLEXI or AUTOMATED models
  • Solid and Glass door styles
  • Adjustable racking
  • Large capacity
  • Automatic defrost
  • Optional internal / external lighting
  • Optional LED usage indicator light
  • Peltier cooling system


Fully Automated


Main Features 

In addition to CLASSIC features:

  • Fully automated with intelligent infrared sensors
  • Self-diagnostic S4 reporting software
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Optional SmartTrays or single water sensors
  • Peltier cooling system


  • Available for AUTOMATED, WI-FI or AMBIENT
  • SmartTrays can be added for unlimited product capacity and merchandising
  • Optional custom designs for endless possibilities


  • SmartTrays are available with 4, 8, 10, 12 and 15 sensors or as a single and double water sensor
  • Ambient snack trays available with 4, 8, 12 or 16 sensors for drawer, stationary/pull out shelf or decorative snack trays

SmartTray 4 Sensor

SmartTray 8 Sensor

SmartTray 10 Sensor

SmartTray 12 Sensor Tiered